Seminars for Small Business Owners in CANADA

Business Search and Acquisition

Seminar Length: 3 hrs

The seminar gives the insight to Ontario businesses market, ways to chose, evaluate, rank and acquire a small or middle sized business:

1. Types of businesses to consider, choosing from a variety of brokerage services, considering private sellers.

2. Reading and evaluating the financial statements, using other methods to assess business performance.

3. How to buy a business: Buying Shares vs. Purchase of Assets.

4. Tax consequences for buyer and seller. 750k capital gains exemption.

5. Other tax matters related to operation of private corporation.

Understanding the Accounting process and reading Financial Statements.

Seminar Length: 2 hrs

Accounting process explained. The seminar explains the structure, meaning and terminology of the financial statements:

1. How accounting system is functioning.

2. Understanding Debits and Credits, types of accounts,chart of accounts reviewed.

3. Recording business activities, document processing and account distribution.

4. Different ways to prepare financial statements from available data.

5. Periodic tax remittances and other tax considerations.

Understanding the Canadian Taxation System. Taxation for small business.

Seminar Length: 3 hrs

The basics of the business taxation, types of taxes, when they are filed, basic tax calculation rules with the emphasis on private corporations and their owner's tax concerns.

1. Basic tax rules, governing law, rights of the taxpayer.

2. How is the taxation of corporation different from taxation of self-employed individuals?

3. Registering an HST account - when is the right time

4. Arranging owner's pay: Salary vs. Dividends

5. Shareholder Loans - what you need to know

6. Due dates for corporation' taxes

7. Documents to support the tax returns

Incorporating a small business: Registering a corporation, setting up the accounting and Bookkeeping in a small business.

Seminar Length: 4 hrs

Keep the startup costs to a Minimum, Achieve cost-effective process, bookkeeping for specific needs of the small business.

1. Registering Provincial vs Federal corporation - step by step guide, what are the costs?

2. Minutes book, company by-laws, seal

3. Registering a trading Name.

4. Planning ahead for cost-efficient accounting process and storing. records

2. Selecting the applications: Accounting software or spreadsheet?

3. Bookkeeping in QuickBooks

4. Using Simply Accounting

5. Full-cycle accounting using spreadsheets

Participation and questions are welcome.


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